11 November 2006

Attention Tuning

All around you is a sea of information. Some you can perceive and some you cannot. We're wired to hear things from one spectrum of the wavelengths around us, to see things from other spectrums yet need to rely on cell phones, radios, TVs, wireless cards and the like to perceive others. And even if you have an FM radio, say, you still have to tune it to actually hear any particular station. Until you tune the radio, you have only static. It is not that the stream of coherence and information doesn't already exist - it's just that you cannot perceive it until you tune in to that exact frequency.

Some of life is like colors - as long as your eyes are open you will see whatever colors are presented. Some of life is like radio or TV - until you tune to a specific frequency you will miss it altogether.

Traditional education is like eyes open. You show up in the modern world and a series of people fill your consciousness with a stream of information that you can use. A sense of mission is like radio or TV - until you focus on a particular potential you will miss opportunities and the spectrum of possibilities for realizing that potential.

Get a sense of your own potential, get excited about what it could mean, and your problem won't be in failing to see possibilities but, rather, in narrowing your focus. Having a sense of your own potential is not a guarantee of a great life - but it is a guarantee that you won't walk blindly past great opportunities.

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