28 November 2006

Recycling Politicians

The US seems stuck. We can't get out of Iraq and we can't stay in. The Iraqis are rejecting American-sponsored democracy, seeming to favor something more absolute, less given to the vagaries of public opinion - something like the religious leadership and political stability offered by a caliphate. Meanwhile, the Republican Party suffered defeat this month in no small part because it was seen to be too intent on ignoring reason and science in favor of religious beliefs. As a result, a number of Republican politicians are unemployed.

Once again, the very juxtaposition of these problems immediately suggests a solution. We don't leave or stay in Iraq. That is, our troops leave but we exchange them for our leftover politicians. Republicans could offer the religious rule that many Iraqis seem to prefer to democracy. The Iraqis have stability. The politicians who gambled their very careers to bring good government to Iraqis have a chance to be that government. The US is free to move on, continually buffeted by the inevitable turbulence and uncertainty that characterizes this wonderful mess we call religious freedom and democracy. And should he accept the role as Iraq's Defense Secretary, Rumsfeld would finally have the lean military he has wanted for decades.

At last, the happy ending the world has been craving.

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