17 November 2006

Two Paradigms Walk Into a Bar

Two paradigms walk into a bar. The one paradigm says,
“I’m right and can quote myself to prove it.”
The other paradigm sits stunned, looking at his drink. He finally looks up, dazed. “You are a reliable source?”

Paradigm 1 says, “As I was saying just yesterday.”
Bartender: “You’re quoting yourself?”
Paradigm 1: “Sure. Who else can I trust?”

Bartender: “But you aren’t always consistent.”
Paradigm 1: “It seems to me that I am.”
The bartender turns to the second paradigm. “How about you? Do you trust your memory?”
Paradigm 2: “Sure. I mean, what I remember always seems to jibe with everything I can remember.”
Bartender: “Don’t you ever forget?”
Paradigm 2: “Not that I remember.”
Bartender: “What if I could point out to you times when you forgot?”
Paradigm 2: “You have apparently forgotten that I don’t trust anyone else's memory.”

The bartender asks, “You really don’t refer to any other sources?”
“I don’t trust any sources other than me,” say paradigm 1 and 2 simultaneously.
They look at each other, surprised.
“At last,” says the bartender. “Something you two agree on.” He smiles. “You finally have some basis for agreement.”
“I’m not so sure,” say the paradigms, once again in unison.
After staring incredulously, the bartender finally admits, “You may be right.”

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's how this one goes? I could swear I've heard this one and it starts out, "Two penguins walk into a bar ..."