30 November 2006

What Happened to the Stocks?

I am not referring to technology stocks. Rather, those wooden platforms used by our founding fathers to shame someone who had behaved badly. Head and hands were locked in place and the townspeople could stop by to lob a few inedible vegetables at your head.

Now that the general population and media alike have finally seemed to acknowledge that Iraq was the kind of bad idea usually excused only by heavy drinking, it is time to put some folks in the stocks. My nomination for the first session in the stocks? Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and man so clueless that he doesn't know that he's clueless - the media's biggest cheerleader for wars of invasion and occupation.


Life Hiker said...

I love the idea of the stocks, but the media should be well down the line.

The media can talk about anything, but they are responsible for nothing.

I would buy $100 worth of rotten fruit and throw my arm out in Washington if they lined up GWB, Cheyney, Rumsfeld, Tenet, Rice, and Powell.

As they say, "Do the crime, do the time (in the stocks)".

(p.s., can you tell me where to find your posting on "Faith"?)

Ron said...

Hello Life Hiker!

Perhaps we could finance social security just by selling tickets to the event you describe.

Posting on faith? Hit the November archive and scroll down to about 16 or 17 November? You can also just enter "faith" on the "search this blog" box if that isn't the one you are talking about.