13 November 2006

Promise to Change Drivers - Not Repair the Car

Democrats have to be careful about making any promises to improve the situation in Iraq. Rather, they should make the distinction between changing drivers and repairing cars.

Iraq may simply be a car wrecked so badly that it can't be repaired. Sometimes even the best doctors can't save the patient.

But the guy who wrecked the car is Bush. And the Democrats should be terribly careful to continue to make him responsible for the fiasco we've seen so far and the fiascos to follow.

Rather than promise to fix the car, the Democrats should emphasize the need to change drivers. You don't have to know how to repair the car to know that the guy who wrecked it ought to be replaced behind the wheel.

Democrats can do a much better job of foreign policy than George and the Neocons and they should limit themselves to that promise. If George can suck them into promising that they have a good repair for Iraq and hold them responsible for fixing his mess, the errorist has won.

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