28 September 2007

Cheney in Vegas

Last night, Dick Cheney screwed up my flight. Apparently, he was flying into or out of Las Vegas* and air traffic control backed up flights, clearing the air space for him. (It's Vegas - I say let him take his chances along with everyone else.) Instead of getting home at 10 (1 AM Indy time), I got home at midnight.

This week, Defense Secretary Gates requested another $42 billion. He won't find it here. Savings rates have steadily eroded, staying below 1% for the last couple of years. To finance this fiscally reckless administration, the U.S. has had to borrow from overseas. Yet this has become increasingly expensive during the Bush years: the dollar has dropped more than 40% against the Euro since George has taken office.

All that to ask, what's Cheney doing in Vegas? I offer the following possibilities:

1. He's at the roulette wheel and has just doubled down on black with the billions as yet unspent on Iraq's reconstruction.

2. He's using your social security dollars to fund marathon all-night poker games.

3. He's gambling away your children's future on specific NBA games he thinks are a slam dunk.

4. He's decided to risk our nation's reputation and good will on a game of craps.

5. Or, perhaps it's too late. He's already done all that and was flying out of Vegas.

* "Las Vegas is sort of how God would do it if he had money."
- Steve Wynn


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was just trying to get back some stolen sports memorabilia.

Anonymous said...

or he was just hoping that any misfires that happen in vegas...stays in vegas.

(ps, I am certainly not professionally network-worthy yet--but as soon as i am, i will holler)

Ron Davison said...

I can't quite say why that makes so much sense to me.

vegas or any other non-disclosed (not be confused with a non-clothing) zone would be fine, if only the man stayed there.