14 September 2007

John Hodgman's 8 Keys for Success (in Iraq & Other Unlikely Places)

Serious journalism doesn't do our president justice. This, however, does.


Life Hiker said...

Ron, am I supposed to get something when I click or double-click on this black thing?

Or is serious journalism on our prez just a black hole?

Ron Davison said...

Both, I suppose. I can see a video with a big play button on it. I'd hoped that you could as well. Refresh?

Dave said...

Try again Life Hiker it's worth it.

Now I understand, "Success is failure." Such a simple, yet elegant concept.

Life Hiker said...

It was worth it.

Is there anything more humbling than public technological embarassment? Yes! Public political embarassment in videos like this one.

David said...

Serious stuff Ron. I think you're being too hard on John Stewart. It's his job to be funny and just because he strikes out now and then, well, as the guy says, that's success. Don't sweat the small stuff.