12 September 2007

Puppy Warnings

This at Yahoo, a warning:

Sep 12, 2007

Avoid online puppy scams
Don't be a victim of Internet fraudsters luring you with cute photos and false promises.

I'd have to guess that the warning is lost on these little puppies, bedazzled as they are by everything on the Internet. It seems to me that puppies are just victims waiting to happen. I, for one, don't think that the warnings will do them much good, however well intentioned it is for the folks at Yahoo to try to warn them.


cce said...

My children, when looking over my shoulder this morning, deemed this puppy the "cutest thing they've ever seen". So, puppies AND children beware of the false promises and alluring tricks pedaled by fuzzy and adorable internet faces.
G wants to know, "What's the puppy's name." She's just a sitting duck for some pervert with a tiny bull dog and an internet connection.

Ron Davison said...

Too funny. The good news about G is that, unlike Leona Helmsly's dog, she's not sitting on $12 million and susceptible to any scam that involves chewy toys or dog biscuits.