24 September 2007

Draw a Line

The kindergarten teacher had passed out a worksheet and told the class, "Draw a line between the turtle and the cow." Not only did the children seem to be taking a long time, some of them complained, "This is hard."

Hard? wondered the teacher. Why is this hard? Walking over to their desks she saw why. Most were laboriously drawing a "lion" between the turtle and the cow.

[True story from my wife's school this week.]


LSD said...

Tell me you're lion!


cce said...

Very clever lsd...who knew there were so many ways to interpret "line". I hope she allowed for a bathroom break right after all lions were drawn neatly.

Ron Davison said...

this makes me wonder if there isn't a joke equivalent of an infinite number of lines through a single point.

you're the kid who'd get in trouble in this kindergarten class - partly because of your disruptive sense of humor and partly because you'd have such trouble squeezing into those tiny little desks.

after scaring themselves once they'd realized what they'd drawn ("A Lion!"), they may not have needed a trip to the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Then the teacher said "OK, let's move on to math. Today we are going to learn how to draw a graph"

Things seemed to be going fine until Johnny asked for a larger piece of paper; "I need more room for the long neck - it won't fit on this one..."

Ron Davison said...