26 September 2007

Error Alert Levels

It's time for a truly practical warning system for the American people: the error alert level. Instead of the rankings of low, guarded, elevated, high, or severe used by Homeland Security, we could have an error alert system that informs the citizenry of its leader's state of mind, as follows:

Grounded (Green): regularly discarding and modifying theories and hypotheses as new facts arrive.

Idealistic (Blue): reluctant, but ultimately willing, to discard preconceived notions when opposing facts begin to arrive.

Ideologue (Yellow): will accept facts that contradict one's world view as long as acknowledging these inconvenient facts helps one to make policies more effective (even if said policies are mere instruments to impose the very worldview now being contradicted by facts).

High (Orange): unclear from the bloodshot eyes just what this leader believes or where he was the night of the accident. Has completely confused a sense of confidence with proof.

Delusional (Red): We can't know the facts for years, maybe centuries. You'll need to trust my sense of destiny. Historians will hold parades for my descendants.

I've gotten agreement from both parties to begin using this system. Leaders will agree to wear ties that correspond to Homeland Security's color code, alerting the polity as to their personal error alert level. As you can see below, George has already begun to use the color system for his ties.

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