18 September 2007

Happy Hammicus

Yesterday my darling little wife surprised me with a great birthday party: live music from Hammicus, philosophical volleyball, and a smattering of friends. It was wonderful.

Hammicus is actually a Latin word that refers to the unfortunate fashion choice some men make on our nation's beaches. They play their own compositions - their songs are infused with a mix of reggae, country, folk, rock, and pop. Delightful.

Bob Vincent, Kale Roosen, Toby Remmers, and Matt Elley are not only all singers, songwriters, and play multiple instruments - but they are guys I consider friends in spite of their obvious age deficit. (It'll be decades before they celebrate their 47th).

My only wife (Sandi is second from right) and a few friends.

And me - terrified of aging.

In all, I went off to bed feeling quite indulged. Live music and lively discussion - two of life's essentials.


LSD said...

That's the way to do it!

Happy day after your birthday!

-Does posting you photo with your face like that prove that your mom was right? (I'm looking at it and it's staying that way.)

Cheers Ron.

David said...

Happy Birthday Ron-O. Sorry to have missed it. You look wonderful to quote Billy Crystal and you feel good too. That Tal course must be working. Habst du viele mehr.


Ron Davison said...

LSD & Davos,
It would have been great fun to have had you both there. Maybe in 3 years I'll have a big blowout for the 50th and insist that everyone come.

Anonymous said...


thanks for having us, had a great night. Toby

ben said...

Happy belated birthday! Hooray for Hammicus house happenings!

Ron Davison said...

It would have been grand to have you make a guest appearance. Oh, and thanks for the birthday greeting.

Ron Davison said...

I doubt that I'm particularly rare - I'm sure that at least half the county would get a kick out of having Hammicus perform at their birthday party. Thanks!