25 October 2007

Bush Diagnosed with Y2K Bug

Robert Stein writes about Bush's latest domestic policy blunder - proof that the man's wretched foreign policy has little to do with "foreign" and everything to do with "policy." He appointed Susan Orr, "a staunchly anti-birth control extremist to a leadership role in the Office of Population Affairs."

Stein writes,
In 2001, [Susan Orr] pushed a proposal to stop requiring health insurance plans for
federal employees to cover birth control on the grounds that "fertility is not a

There is, perhaps, one explanation for George's embrace of such regressive policy. Perhaps he failed to update his internal, neural software as a precaution against the Y2K bug, and did, in fact, start over from zero in 2000, disregarding two millenia of progress.


cce said...

You know, I kept thinking after Bush's inauguration that we, as a nation, had taken about four steps forward with Clinton at the helm and were now taking 12 steps back.

Ron Davison said...

the odd waltz of progress is not linear.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That explanation sound quite plausible.

Ron Davison said...

Sometimes Saintly,
Thanks for stopping by R World. And yes, the scariest thing about George is that the most absurd explanations seem the most plausible.