11 October 2007

Public Service Announcement - Dyslexics' Halloween This Saturday

Saturday is 13 October. You should have a little candy by the door. Just in case. On 13 October, the dyslexics are likely to come trick or treating. Don't make them feel any more conspicuous than they already do. Just give them the candy and wish them a "Happy Halloween."


LSD said...

Why would you want to give diabetics candy?

Ron Davison said...

I didn't say diabetics, I said ... Oh wait. I see. Do you already have a costume for Saturday?

LSD said...

I'm going to dress up as a professer!

cce said...

Chuckling and wondering if I can use this dyslexic trick to excuse my consuming an entire bag of Reese's Pieces last night. Oh damn, it was the 11th.

Ron Davison said...

prof? mad or otherwise?

the excuse could work - just chalk it up to quality assurance with an allowance of a day for repurchase for those pesky dyslexics.

David said...

Only one came to our door. It said, "Treat or Trick."