19 October 2007

No, Really. What is so Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding?

A little something for your weekend - a duet between Nick Lowe, who wrote this song, and the Elvis of import, who made it a classic. For extra credit, answer the question: what is so funny about peace, love, and understanding? And why is it that the people who argue for that are considered naive and simple and the people who argue for something as messy, dangerous, and unpredictable as war are considered pragmatic? When will neuroscientists find the switch for organized violence and simply switch it off? (What was it my son said the other day? "This isn't rocket surgery.") I'll shut up now and just let you enjoy the song while formulating your own follow up questions.


PlugNPlay said...

Hey Ron, it's Geordie here... I loved Nick Lowe with Rockpile.

I'm all for trying to stick it to people in other ways than killing and maiming. Perhaps by deliberately weaning ourselves off their primary export product. Or buying back our own treasury bonds. As long as there is a rational method of interaction, I'm fine with a tit-for-tat strategy or some global comperation. Besides I'd really miss football.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing" said Nevelle Chamberlain

btw: Is Elvis Costello still alive? It's hard to tell by the video. If he is he must be using a walker to "walk through this wicked world" And if he just updated his perscription he'd see plenty of light in the darkness of insanity.

Ron Davison said...

welcome back! I never listened alot to Nick Lowe (or Dave Edmunds), but still think that if did nothing more than write this song he'd have a brilliant career.

Of coure Elvis is still alive! But it could be that his problem traces back to those coke bottle glasses - I hadn't thought of that.

exskindiver said...

i enjoyed this song.
and peace love and understanding is not too much to ask for.

Ron Davison said...

It's a great song - glad to share it with you. Somedays, I'd settle for just peace or love or understanding. Most days, I feel greedy enough to want all three.