11 October 2007

McCartney's Divorce

Paul McCartney accused his ex-wife Heather Mills of just marrying him for his money. The latest reports are that she will get a divorce settlement of about $140 million. It turns out that Paul was wrong. Apparently, she only divorced him for the money.


cce said...

Isn't she about 20 years younger than he is? What the hell did he think she was marrying him for?
It really gets me going when older men choose spouses that are decades younger than them and then wonder about having been used. I have a father in law who makes this mistake time and again and if he'd just play with women his own age then the issue of suspicious motives would be somewhat a moot point.
I say to Paul McCartney, Oh grow up.

exskindiver said...

its sounds like a win-win to me.

Ron Davison said...

Paul is a rock star. It's not his job to grow up. They leave that for blues musicians.

yeah, well, Paul was left with more than a billion and her net worth has taken a bump. I suppose for the both of them its a higher than normal return for acrimony and regret.

David said...

I do think we should take into account that he didn't marry an average looking broad with a wooden leg frivolously. But ex-skindiver is right. They're both better off.