15 October 2007

Cockfighting Tastes Just Like Chicken

News Flash:

"5,000 Birds Seized in Cockfighting Bust
Tuesday October 16, 2007 4:16 AM
SAN DIEGO (AP) - More than 5,000 roosters, hens and chicks have been seized in what authorities said Monday was the largest cockfighting bust in U.S. history.
Agents found 4,400 birds Saturday at a 7-acre compound in the Otay Mesa industrial area of San Diego, near the Mexican border."

This is oddly fascinating to me for at least two reasons. One is because it apparently took place about 10 miles from my house and it made international news. (Slow news day?) Two, a line casually inserted in the article read as follows:

"About 80 percent of the roosters, hens and chicks seized have been euthanized"

I wonder if the most popular way to euthanize a chicken is over a grill or in a pan. The important thing is that they let these poor birds die with dignity - and barbeque sauce. And how would we explain this to a Martian? "We don't mind killing - we just don't like dragging it out."


David said...

I felt David Kelly made his compelling argument for why cockfighting was humane and if one buys all the usual liberal tripe on Boston Legal then that argument isn't hard to swallow either. Most chickens aren't killed humanely or with bbq sauce. In fact, Bill Clinton's buddies, the Foster family, make Michael Vick look like a saint. Unless of course chickens deserve to die in pain more than pit bulls.

Ron Davison said...

if we were all vegans, the outrage would seem less arbitrary to me. I guess I can see it being an issue, but I just can't see it as being an issue that anyone would ever get around to addressing.

exskindiver said...

see ron,
i leave for a few days (am in nyc as i type) and already i've missed pages of stuff.
stuff i say.

would it bother you if i told you that cockfighting does not freak me out?
(it is part of my culture)
i took steve to one 15 years ago--
it made him quite queasy.
come to think of it, its a miracle he was still interested in me after that experience.

do i dare say that partial-birth abortions and boxing matches are much more disturbing to me than cockfights?

why am i even writing to you today.
i am in new york city G-D it.

Ron Davison said...

Thanks for confirming what I've suspected - my blog delivery service does reach New York, New York.
I do believe that cock fights aren't particularly unsettling to you, but apparently there is a wildly competent federal agent for whom they are. Enjoy your trip!