05 October 2007

Future Prediction

For about 3 months in 2009, the Little Rascal faux-Mohwak will become wildly popular, only to die out as quickly and inexplicably as it sprung up (so to speak).


benny said...

I'll do my part to make this happen.

Ron Davison said...

maybe even in time for the second or third album cover photo? That would be sweet (he said, in a cheap imitation of someone half his age).

LSD said...

The stem is cool, but if you really want attention, go for the part-down-the-middle (or the side for that matter.) Shoot, you could use the placement of your part for cool sub-culture significance!

Ron Davison said...

I tried all your suggestions over the last couple of days. Not a single response from anyone I work with. Then of course, this is a week I'm working from home, interacting only by phone and email ... so maybe ... nah, my co-workers just don't appreciate daring fashsion statements. And maybe this work at home trend is going to be the big reason that fashion will get to be so very daring.