02 October 2007

Religious Right Inexplicably Rejects the Only Candidate to Dress Like the Church Lady

This summary from the Telegraph.

A powerful group of conservative Christian leaders is set to abandon the Republican party if Rudy Giuliani is nominated to run for president because of the former New York mayor's support for abortion.

It's hard to believe that conservatives would find the Republicans' leading candidate distasteful. I wonder why that is?

Given that Hillary and Rudy are the front runners for their respective parties, one thing does seem certain in this age of uncertainty: our next president will wear a dress.


cce said...

Seriously, I have no problem with cross dressers or drag queens or whatever. But if America votes for Giuliani despite his having a female alter ego whom he trots out in public on occasion, full make up, floor length dress and all, then I am moving to France.
Can you see him now, sitting down with Musharef or Ahmadinejad or some other head of rogue state to discuss nuclear future while wearing white gloves and silk taffeta? Perhaps The Donald will be his VP, after all, he may be the only one willing to sniff at the stuffed breasts of the former Mayor of New York.

cathouse teri said...

Insanity, I tell you!

Hey, you look kinda like my ex husband, who is also 47, and a Virgo and lives in San Diego area.

Hmmm... are you a cop, too? ;)

Ron Davison said...

after watching those videos, its hard not to believe that he's either prone to heavy drinking or making wild bets.

I am not a cop but if I ever get arrested by one who looks just like me, I'll ask him, "What is your sign," and then drop your name should he say, "Virgo." I'm sure at that point he'll have second thoughts about issuing a ticket. Here's my thanks in advance.