18 December 2008

The Argument for Way Cool Job Titles

This week, Andrew Marr had among his guests Dr. Andy Miah from the University of the West of Scotland and accused him of having the coolest job title of any guest he has ever had.

Miah is Fellow of Visions in Utopia and Dystopia at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology.

Now why didn't I think of that? And why can't all job titles be this cool? I mean, is the cost any different for a business card that says Consultant or Analyst or one that says Challenger of Collective Delusions, Rescuer of the Future from Tradition and Social Inertia, or Bodhavista of Fashion and Style?

It's a recession. There is a very good chance that the powers that be will skip your next raise. At least ask them to give you a great job title.

1 comment:

LSD said...

Someday I will have the job title "spy astronaut".