21 December 2008

The SI "Where is My Swimsuit?" Calendar

Wandering through Border's today, I spotted the perennial best seller - the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar. The super model on the cover didn't actually have a swimsuit - not that I could tell. Which gave me an idea.

The 2010 Sports Illustrated "Where is My" Swimsuit? Calendar.
Super models searching for those little bikinis that have become so small that they are nearly impossible to find.

I think it could sell.


ThomasLB said...

I think it should follow the "Where's Waldo?" model, with lots of girls but only one swimsuit.

Big Al said...

Thomas, I *LIKE* the way you think!

Ron, when can I expect my copy?

Gypsy at Heart said...

There should be a male iteration for the females who wish to find the speedos for example. We want in on the fun too!

Ron Davison said...

I'll talk to the models about this plan. As soon as they return my calls.

I'll send you a copy as soon as they come from the publishers.

I will send in your request to the folks who accept such requests. You do know, though, that the men's versions of these calendars do not sell as well. I think it is because men appreciate art and beauty more than women. That must be it.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Excellent idea, Ron. Perhaps as a follow up one could create a "retro" swimsuit calendar with photos c.1900 and see if it sells.

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