02 December 2008


Beyond all the political chatter, fretting about financial markets, criticism or defense of the new administration and the love for the absurd ... a little reminder about what it is all about from the wonder that is Natalie Merchant.

I love this song and video.

Happy Hump Day.


Gypsy at Heart said...

Interesting that I must have heard this song oh... about a billion times and yet, I'd never seen this video before. It's lovely. As uplifting as the music. Thanks for posting.

exskindiver said...

lovely song.

cce said...

This is one of my favorite Natalie Merchant songs because it's one of her few happy-ish tunes. Because God knows that woman can sing a sad ballad like no other. It's good to see her smile.

Pinky said...

Natalie Merchant sings my soul. And she is so beautiful!

Ron Davison said...

This video is such a reminder of all the ages and varieties of female beauty. It is delightful.


Natalie dances like a little girl but can, indeed, sing like a woman grieved.

Natalie is a delight. She's the neo-bohemian girl that even the quarterback thought he could take home to mother.