15 December 2008

Shoe Throwing Blogger Reports from the Road (it is cold in the midwest without shoes!)

You know the difference between Muntader al-Zaidi - the guy who threw his shoes at Bush - and us bloggers? Muntader al-Zaidi actually got George to change his position.

I like the idea of throwing shoes at George Bush on 20 January as he leaves office. It could be like rice at a wedding. It might even catch on as new tradition for seeing off the outgoing president. (After 4 to 8 years in office, they always seemed to have inflamed some portion of the shoe-throwing polity.)


Big Al said...

Ron, you have GOT to send your end-of-blog joke "You know the difference . . ." to Leno or Letterman or Colbert or Stewart or whoever is your favorite talk show host comedian. That is a GREAT line!

Bill Abendroth said...

I am going to write my own angry spin on Mr. Muntader al-Zaidi (my new hero). My sister suggested to me that we should all go to Washington and throw our shoes on the White House lawn....But that's not so practical, me living in Oregon. So, I am going to post the White House address, and encourage everyone to mail a pair of shoes to the President, with a note asking the White House staffer who opens to the package to please fire off my size 13 keds at President Bush's head.....

K-kix said...

Bush should have just joined the US Dodgeball Team - he is pretty good at dodging... and that's about it.

Gypsy at Heart said...

It didn't offend me one bit that he got thrown a shoe.On the contrary, I relished it so much that I've watched all the unending replays with gleeful, if impolite, joy. I find that there is a clear distinction here - the shoe was being thrown at the man, NOT at the office he unfortunately still holds. What a defining and lowering point to his ruinous tenure as President. May he forever be remembered as the only President to get such an inglorious parting shot.

P.S. Mr. Abendroth: I like the way you think!

cce said...

Now I'm just worried for the shoe thrower. Will he spend the rest of his days in some dark detention center or worse? If that had happened here, the guy would be doing the talk show circuit before too long. B/c it happened in Iraq...I'm worried for him. Very worried.

Anonymous said...

I could watch that over and over. It never gets old.

David said...

I'm worried for the thrower too. That is, I'm worried that he'll not be given the same justice that he would have received had he thrown the shoe at Saddam. Oh, perhaps that's a bit harsh. Just lock him up forever somewhere in Iraq.

Ron Davison said...

thank you, thank you. (it is so hard to bow discreetly online).

I like the simplicity of that launch plan.

Give the man credit - he did move with amazing speed.

George's best of - his lines, his policies, choking on pretzels and dodging shoes ... is going to make for some wonderful footage come Jan 20.

I wonder if we'll ever hear about him again. But who knows - maybe George will give him a presidential pardon.

You are right - the better timing for shoe throwing at Iraqi villains is after their statue has fallen. Wait. I thought that George's statue already had.

Anonymous said...

He was lucky it wasn't Sadam standing there. He'd be hanging by his neck right about now. Yeah, he's a real hero. No, he's a total idiot. Show your disrespect in your home, in your political discussion groups. What if someone threw a shoe at Obama? A shoe thrown in the Arab culture is the lowest of insults (showing the sole of the shoe). It's on par with pissing on someone in our culture. Imagine a reporter urinating on Obama. Would he be a hero? I think not. Even among the "right wing nut jobs".

For shame.

As much as I dislike Bill Clinton, I would have never, and would NEVER, EVER show any disrespect publicly to my President. I have dignity.

Anonymous said...

correction: Saddam

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I agree with Pinky here. As much as I think that Bush has been a bad president, you can't be pulling stunts like that. And, besides, the shoe hit the U.S. flag, too. I personally would have slugged this guy (and I ain't usually violent).