07 December 2008

How People Talk

Today we were with my parents. I realized something about what we talk about - my parents and I prefer very different topics: dad likes to talk about things, mom about people and I like to talk about ideas.

I decided to process this by creating a table, adding to it a reference point. The thing I didn't put into this simple table is optimistic or pessimistic - whether someone prefers horror stories or stories with a happy ending.
(To make this table large enough to easily read, you can either click through or buy a huge monitor.)


Jordan said...

notice that the 'ideas' row is a lot more Ron-specific (i.e. less generalizable) than the 'things' and 'people' rows..fun processing =>

Gypsy at Heart said...

Seems to me like y'all are just 'xtrapolatin' about what matters to you folks the most. Your 'pa talks about them min-e-a-tur liddel horses, your 'ma talks about Paris Hilton and how Sodom seem closer just by that liddel girl being on this here planet. And you, well you can never resist not going the high-falutin trail Ron now can you? and if that weren't enough, you confuse the darned thing further by writing them maps only you seem to understand!

Big Al said...

@Gypsy: what's a map?

Ron you fellow guy-type you, what is Gypsy talking about? What is this "map" thing?

Oops, excuse me. I have to end this blog now and keep driving. I seem to be a little bit, er, lost . . . I MEAN I know where I'm at but for some reason they put a road over there and a highway farther down since last time I was here and it's confusing me. What's that? I should pull into the next gas station I see and ask for directions? Bah! We're fine. I know where I'm at and we have PLENTY of gas.