27 December 2008

Just wondering aloud about the rugged individual's chance at love

Poets, mystics, and romantics talk about love as a loss of self, a transcendence of the ego.

On Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions measure, the US has the highest Individualism ranking in the world.

The US also has the highest divorce rate in the world.

Just wondering about a connection. That's all. I have nothing more to add.


Lifehiker said...

I think divorce is mostly the result of either the over-romantization (?) of marriage or its cheapening by our culture.

Some marry during puppy love and later find that one or both has grown up to be an adult dog with very different interests.

Some marry believing that vows are valid only as long as you still "feel" as you did when you said them. Unfortunately, feelings are fleeting.

I know of many long-lasting marriages where both parties are powerful individuals but also are grownups and honorable. They find their own way to make it work and create a family that lives on.

Chesca pondering said...

if being an individualist leads to the demise of marriage does that mean conformists enjoy lifelong wedded bliss?
Or is it misery loves company?
Or is it that the cheese stands alone?
Or is it he who cuts the cheese...
Or is the proof is in the pie filling?

Anonymous said...

Everything isn't for every body. Maybe marriage, like lederhosen, just isn't something Americans should try on.