19 December 2008

Peace & Joy

The problem is that no one fights for peace.


Gypsy at Heart said...

With the passage of years he sounds like a prophet for the modern age. To this day, Yoko preaches the simplicity of that message with a child-like candor that one still believes in despite the fact that she is over 70. Do you think it that easy Ron?

In view of this post you might find Yoko's blog http://100acorns.blogspot.com/ (ThomasLB put me on to it) and this article yesterday in UK Guardian of interest.


It is true that no one fights for collective peace. Even individual peace is an uphill battle sometimes. That is why the wish I have always asked for myself alone is a quiet spirit. At the heart of a happy person, lies a quiet spirit. I believe in that.

A quiet spirit for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

Ron Davison said...

I agree that history is making Lennon seem more, not less, relevant. Imagine ...