28 March 2008

Fast Car Friday

Still as poignant as pop songs get. Still a remarkable and beautiful singer songwriter. If you're already having a melancholy weekend, listening to this song will help you to savor it properly.


jen said...

that one always, always gets me. probably because of where she's heading from, and to.

jennifer h said...

You chose well. Thanks for posting this.

cce said...

Thanks for helping me wallow. No one can sing a sad song with quite this kind of inflection. 'Cept maybe Ryan Adams who is also on repeat these days.

Gypsy at Heart said...

The first time I ever heard of Tracy Chapman, I actually read the words to rather than listened to her song. They had included her lyrics in a poetry compendium. No doubt about it, the woman is a bard. I've always loved this song. I the words by heart.

Gypsy at Heart said...

forgot the word "know" in the phrase I know the words by heart.

nunya said...

"Daddy, daddy, hit the nitrous!"

I never married him.

Ron Davison said...

if it is poignant it must be poetry.

jennifer h,
thanks again for stopping by.

sometimes you have to get over a bad feeling and other times you just need to go through it.

Tracy Chapman is a bard but I think that she was discovered working as a busker in Boston. A busker bard?

well, apparently you missed out on grief and at least one killer lyric.