12 March 2008

Rockets! Run! Continues!

Tonight, the Rockets won their 20th game in a row. How cool is that? Well, only one team has ever done better.

From (Source: The Associated Press):

NBA's longest winning streaks

Games Team Date
33 Lakers Nov. 5, 1971-Jan. 7, 1972
20 Rockets Jan. 29-current
20 Bucks Feb. 6-Mar. 8, 1971
19 Lakers Feb. 4-Mar. 13, 2000

So, the best streak ended 36 years ago. My buddy Daryl, the Rockets GM, is 35. This is the best streak in the NBA since he was born. This is me applauding.


cce said...

Thirty-five you say? Wow, he's really come a long way in a short period of time. I'm 34 and just deciding that I might like to play Wimbledon. Alas, I've always been late to realize my potential.

exskindiver said...

i did not realize that you and daryl were the same age.

Dave said...

Beating Atlanta should only count as a half win.

Ron Davison said...

but just think how epic it'd be if you could convince folks that, in regards to tennis promise, thirty-something was the new 13.

We are the same age. Daryl was born in 72 - I am 72.

sorry to chuckle so at the voice of the jaded Georgian.

Damon said...

and this is me applauding a non-political post from RON! WHOO HOO!!!

And sports to boot?!

Maybe, just maybe if they win a championship, we can get you to blog about a San Diego team?!

Allen said...

San Diego . . . Sports . . . Championship . . . does not compute.

You know, I need a cool Avatar like youse guys gots.

Ron Davison said...

San Diego has teams? I thought that we just had groups of individuals contracted to work together.
(I'm joking! I'm joking! I have nothing but respect for San Diego's teams. Sort of.)

Ron Davison said...

Oh yeah, like Oregon and championship ... or Ohio State and championship go together. Oh. Wait. It does.
Oh yeah, well, we don't even care about pro teams, Allen, because we have such good weather we do not have to subcontract our sports - we can play themselves.