18 March 2008

The Rockets Run is Over

The best winning streak in the NBA since I've hit puberty is now over.

The Boston Celtics stopped the Rockets - making them feel the absence of Yao. The Rockets simply had no answer to the Celtic's big men.

I know that my buddy Daryl is disappointed. I also know that there is no other team he'd rather lose to. You see, before coming over to Houston to become their GM, Daryl's first job in the NBA was with the Celtics. As their COO, he was responsible for getting revenue, but he was already working with MIT profs on models for predicting which players were most likely to perform better than expected. He is not only fond of the Celtics organization but he had a hand in shaping the team. When he sees the Celtics, it’s not hard to imagine that he can see the Rocket's future a couple of years out.

Congratulations, Daryl. Just wait until next streak.


Anonymous said...

Dikembe Mutumbo is my favorite player in the NBA. I'm glad the old guy is doing so well.

cce said...

Go Celts! My O just went to his first Celtics game earlier this month. He attended with his best friend and his best friend's father. Though I wasn't there, I can tell by the he repeats the play by play that the experience will stand out as extraordinary in his memory.

Dave said...

Just to give the bottom end of the league some press, the Hawks are one game in front of the Nets for the eighth and final play-off spot. How stupid is that? Eight? And isn't that only in their half of the league?