20 March 2008

A Life of No Regret and Less Reflection

In the news:

Washington - US President George W Bush says he has no regrets about the invasion of Iraq five years ago. In a speech at the Pentagon, Mr Bush said that "removing Saddam Hussein from power was the right decision - and this is a fight America can and must win". The president dismissed what he called "exaggerated estimates" of the war costs.

So, we know that George has no regrets. This is unsurprising, as regrets actually require enough imagination and curiosity to consider alternatives. But I am surprised that he didn't mention what is, to me, the obvious lesson of the Iraq War.

When an aging, short, overweight, bureaucrat in a suit tells you that something is "a slam dunk," what he really means is that it cannot be done.


jennifer h said...

I think Mission Accomplished means the same thing.

Gypsy at Heart said...

I think George is a robot. That, or an unenlightened version of a Vulcan.
There is no other explanation for how he can continue spouting the 'no regrets' line.

Lifehiker said...

I think George Bush is a bully. The nicknames he uses to lower the status of people more accomplished than he are a great indicator, as was his decision to invade a country that was basically defenseless (until the "conquered" population turned on him, that is). And bullies never look back.

Bush and fellow bully Cheney initiated this war by demanding that subordinates provide justifying "facts", whether true or not. Now, more than four years into an occupation, he claims he made the right decision. Note, however, the lack of "facts" to support this judgment.

Historians will debate why this president avoided impeachment and perhaps even imprisonment for crimes commmitted in office. They may conclude that nobody had the guts to take on the bully.

cce said...

You know I'm sort of fractured and can come up with nothing witty on this subject today...I can only see it as profoundly sad.
Thanks for coming by and giving me a cyber-hug this afternoon. I really needed it!