22 March 2008

Happy Birthday Sandi & Jordan!

It is an odd and inexplicable Davison family tradition. My great grandfather married a Canadian. She had a child on her birthday. My own grandfather married a Norwegian (skipping out on the Canadian tradition for one generation), but my uncle married a Canadian who had a child on her birthday. I, too, married a Canadian and 21 years ago, she had a child on her birthday.

There is no one who knows Sandi better than I do and there is no one more impressed with her. She's not perfect, though, and I exploited her poor judgment, convincing her to marry me.

Jordan is the girl that any father would brag about. I exercise an excessive amount of restraint by doing so only rarely. In the quarter just ended, she delivered her first university lecture (right brain vs. left brain) in the cognitive science class she worked in as a TA - a nice milestone for a junior. She very convincingly announces that she's going to be a professor of cognitive science. I believe her. It has been an extraordinary privilege to watch her become an adult from this front row seat.

We celebrated for Sandi and Jordan with nearly 40 friends and family, food enough to feed probably 100, live music, a speech, games and conversations. Given it was Spring Break, we even had some Canadians join us - friends from when my wife was in diapers.

Here they are - in various stages - my two favorite women.


jennifer h said...

Two gorgeous women--Happy birthday to them!

Those Canadians are a generous bunch, even so far as to share birthdays. I've always known they were better people than us Americans.

today said...
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Jeylan said...

Happy Birthday!

slouching mom said...

Has anyone ever mentioned that Sandi looks like Liv Ullman?

Anyway. They're both beautiful and look so kind as well.

Happy Birthday, Sandi and Jordan!

Gypsy at Heart said...

I loved the sequences of photos. The only one that has changed with time is Jordan. She has grown into a beauty and Sandi remains a lovely as always. The party sounds like it was wonderful fun and I can't imagine a more worthwhile occasion for going all out as you've described as this double birthday. Féliz and Féliz Cumpleaños to them both.

HRH said...

The photos are amazing. Happy Birthday!

cce said...

Happy Happy Day to you all. I'm so impressed that you pulled that kid of party out of a hat for them. Now that's love. Lucky ladies. Lucky you.