07 July 2007

7/7/7 & The Perfect Life

The number 7 has long been associated with perfection, yet perfection has been misunderstood. When someone is called perfect in the Bible, perfect is actually better associated with complete than flawless. Confusing the two meanings can create undue stress and a distinctly un-perfect life.

When you have more than two elements in your life, you have to subordinate one thing to another. When you have a conflict between your daughter's piano recital and your client's request for a report the next day, you have to subordinate one thing to another, have to decide which is more important to you. Much of life is made up of the continued negotiation between our emotional and social needs, our physical and spiritual yearnings, and our intellectual and mental inclinations.

Deciding that the perfect life is flawless, you have to jettison parts of your humanity. It simply isn't possible to embrace and excel at all the dimensions of being human. So, you focus on becoming a marvelous piano player, a powerful politician, a rich entrepreneur. Flawless is no way to be perfect. In fact, flawless doesn't even guarantee that you'll be flawless.

Deciding that the perfect life is complete, you have to embrace the various ways of being human. You have to acknowledge that you have soul and scrotum, stomach and frontal lobes, a social life and an inner life. With such an approach, you are guaranteed to have flaws. Your life will be messy and full of mistakes. But you do have a shot at perfect with such an approach. Your life can be complete.

Happy 7/7/7. Check out the fabulous diversity of music. What a day. Strive for perfection.


Anonymous said...

I heard 777 is also heavily associated with gambling.

OTOH, I am interested to see the actual environmental benefits of this sort of P.R. crescendo after the fact.

In the end, I think investments in activism have to be weighed in with that carbon footprint. The ends DO justify the means.

Ron Davison said...

I, too, have been curious to see the gambling activity on 7-7-7 and have to believe that it was pretty intense. Everyone knows that the gods of chance love serendiptious number combinations rather than random ones.