02 July 2007

It's Impossible to Prove a Negative

Liebermann, like the Republican candidates for president, is still arguing that the troop surge in Iraq needs to be given a chance. He and his peers are singing the same song they sang before the invasion.

Just as the neocons agitating for the invasion of Iraq knew that Saddam could never prove that he did NOT have WMDs, Lieberman has to realize that no one can ever prove that if troops were allowed to stay in Iraq just three more months they would NOT gain a victory.

And in this we have the slow bleed of a strategy that, once it is stopped, has to be deemed a failure. Until it is stopped, it can be labeled a build up to success. For this reason, Liebermann and other Bush supporters will never see conditions that suggest a troop withdrawal.


Life Hiker said...

During the past year I've had several conversations with American Jews who are strong proponents of the Iraq war.

It doesn't take long to realize that their opinion is based on one idea, the idea that anyone who is fighting Muslims is a friend of Israel. The fact that America has a large army in Iraq is most comforting to them, and how we got there and where the war is going is not important.

Lieberman seems to be one of these, a smart guy who is in sync with many liberal causes, but whose foreign policy objectives are tied to Israel's conservative bloc.

That's perhaps why Joe can't have a logical conversation about Iraq and why he sees "progress" on every trip he makes to that war-weary place. Our staying there is all that counts.

Ron Davison said...

I had similar thoughts, buttressed by this: