07 July 2007

Live Earth & Social Evolution

Today, the Live Earth concert is playing out across in 9 different stadiums around the world, featuring 150 different musical artists. You can watch it online at

To me, it is just one more reminder that the story of evolution has shifted from biology to society. The amazing diversity of pop artists from Japan and Africa, from rock groups like Rize to soft ballad singers like Ai Otsuka (and that just from Japan's channel) is testament to the variety of forms that humanity takes.

As the number of species is dwindling, the ways of being human are multiplying. We are living through humanity's cultural cambric explosion, an inflection point of diversity in human culture. And perhaps no where outside of pop music have people done more to intentionally make this a game. And we all know from watching children that we learn the most when we play.


Anonymous said...

Playing is a part of the learning process which happens when we our needs are supported. It is a luxury, and yes, it is a very receptive state of mind-- in the very young.

exskindiver said...

happy 777.

Ron Davison said...

"receptive state of mind"
I like that phrase. Seems to capture the spirit of play and childhood.

xSD - Happy 777 or, to be accurate, Happy 7107.