08 July 2007

Travel - Waiting Punctuated by Movement

Flying to the midwest today. Again I'm reminded that travel is merely waiting punctuated by movement. Wait in line to check in. Wait in line for security. Wait in line to board. Wait on the plane to take off. Wait to land. Wait for luggage.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe flight.

Anonymous said...

I think you misinterpreted my last statement, Ron.

Life Hiker said...

My wife flew from Rochester to Panama City, FL, today on a three-legged itinerary. She's no road warrier like you, but she'll appreciate your life a bit more after today.

You'd think that, with all our technology, the Department of Homeland Security would be able to discriminate between my wife and a terrorist. However, their object is to create fear as much as to safeguard each of us. Hence, you get tortured when you fly. Sorry about that...

Anonymous said...

Terrorists are people who create fear, L.H. Security are people who guard the safety of their citizens. Seems to me there is a vocabulary problem.

Life Hiker said...

I don't take comments from anonymous people seriously, but I will respond to this little lecture from "anonymous" because I'm in a good mood.

Terrorists do create fear, no argument. Security, when done the way we do it, costs a fortune, puts average people through a lot of unnecessary hassle, and - my point - tends to give people the idea that bad guys are all around, just waiting for the opportunity to kill us. That's just not so.

If the government isn't smart enough to discriminate between average citizens and potential terrorists, then we need to put some new people in there. In my view, the current administration has elevated fear-mongering to new heights, and the airline security is just part of the plan to keep us worried.

Should we be vigilant? Yes. Should we search my 86 year old mother but not the cargo that goes on the plane or the containers that come in on ships? Give me a break, anonymous.

p.s. "anonymous" due to fear of what? Just curious.

Life Hiker said...

Another postscript. I found another blog that echoes yours on this topic and is pretty cute:

It's worth a quick peek.

Ron Davison said...

"legs of the flight" has a slightly different meaning for me - a 6'4"+ guy who seems to accumulate enough miles on one airline to upgrade to first class just about the time when he has to switch airlines and cities and once again be consigned to the back of the bus. I think that you can make the case that the security in airports is there to make people feel more secure OR that it is there to heighten fear - the important thing in any case is to keep security front and center.

I'm not sure how you decided that I misinterpreted your first statement. I appreciated the sentiment, thanks.

Vladimir Dzhuvinov said...

We live in a world of quantum mechanics. Its laws also apply to flying.

Anonymous said...

Well L.H. I can't see how me using this name is any less legit than some fake i.d. with someone else's face plastered under my eyeballs. So I appreciate you taking me seriously enough to reply.

You don't have to sell me on the evils of terrorism. I know all about it and how it works, and I was always a person to leave when people stared fighting. It always struck me as, well-- Barbarian. And people who know me have learned that if I am forced to fight, I put in 200% whether I try or not.

Ron-- it's why I don't keep a blog anymore. Too darned confusing keeping track of all the nuance. I told myself I'd stop commenting altogether, but your posts are so well written I feel compelled to leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

I am never, EVER using the word, 'Barbarian' again. Today, I was cornered by an elderly Scottish woman in line at the grocery store, and she was nudging me and mocking my purchase of feta cheese and Balkan style yogurt! Gaaak! Some old ladies have FILTHY minds!!! ROTFL!

So let's just say, "monsters". People who like violence are monsters. It's more multicultural!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't saying dirty jokes were bad, Ron. I am all for off color jokes in the right company. But she really embarrassed me with insisting I was Greek and all, as though it mattered to her what was in my grocery cart. You see, I had never met her before.

It was not a political statement at all. So do I have a severe case of foot in mouth disease? :P