31 July 2007

Lord Voldemort Un-Masked

Tonight I completed the last Harry Potter book. Rowling has created a world and set of characters that folks will still be reading about a century from now (folks who read only about 40 pages a year and will thus need 100 years to get through the entire 4,000+ page series).

The one thing that I should have seen coming? The rather Mission Impossible-like scene in which Ron Weasley pulls off Lord Voldemort's mask to reveal a sneering Dick Cheney. It explains so much.


Life Hiker said...

What we really need in the White House is a mystery spy like "X" (name withheld to protect those who have not finished the book). Without one, we may never find out what's been driving these clowns for over six years.

clearthought said...

Hahaha yeah, that was my favorite part of the book.

Keep up the the nice blogging!

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