10 July 2007

Blogs Not Bullets

Ammo for the new revolution.


Vladimir Dzhuvinov said...

Revolutions, even gun revolutions, have always been of the mind.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for talk of guns. Nor ever will there be if I have a say in any of this.

Anonymous said...

"Blogs Not Bullets" is probably the motto of the Pig Empire.

The corporate oligarchy is going to do the absolute minimum for the people that they possibly can, and still stave off revolution.

They are perfectly happy to let people let off steam by sitting alone and home typing at their computers, because that's what keeps them from taking to the streets, breaking windows, and overturning cars. Ineffective protest is allowed; effective protest is not.

As long as people are making their payments and doing as they're told, they'll let blogging continue. When the internet becomes an effective tool of resistance, however, the feds will move in and shut it down.