14 July 2007

Bjork and Social Deconstruction

Bjork is the most intriguing artist in pop music since John Lennon.

Art is important to the construction and deconstruction of social reality. The iconic art of medieval times gave way to the art of the human in the form of Michelangelo's David and DaVinci's Mona Lisa. This art helped to loosen the hold of form on the West, bringing the individual into focus. The classical music of the Enlightenment was pre-echo, if you will, of the symphony of factories and workers in the new world of capitalism - the importance of precision and coordination in art as prelude to commerce.

Bjork is one of those rare artists for whom the manipulation of notes is secondary to the manipulation of common clich├ęs, symbols, and culture. She plays with the elements of pop culture. Anyone who thinks that pop culture can’t change society didn’t pay attention to the impact of the 60’s.

In this video, she deconstructs the odd symbiosis between media and culture, the muse and celebrity. It's a rare bit of genius in the midst of mindless videos. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Ron. She is lovely in her way. Many, many of them are. Each day, I drown in their loveliness, and I gaze into the mirror at Father Time, and wonder where it all went. And when I see their lovely faces, I realize that my youth was spent making others just like them. And in my heart of hearts, I am glad.

exskindiver said...

myself, i am still waiting for the opportunity to get my hands on that bird outfit she wore many years ago.

Ron Davison said...

lovely as well - I forgot to mention that. Bjork does have a rather alluring pixie-ish quality.

[chuckling] when you get that outfit, I want to see pictures. Bjork's outfits are like exercises in post-something art.