31 July 2007

Pay Back the Election in 4 Days!

An odd thing has happened on the way to the White House. For the first time since they've tracked these things, the Democratic presidential candidates lead the Republican candidates by $100 million in fund raising.

It's fashionable in the blogosphere to show that we're not naive and to point to the stupidity of supposedly smart people, decrying the futility of politics and the emasculation of the average voter by special interest groups. But in this little tidbit I see something delightfully positive.

Each year, the American voter is out about $100 billion for a war they no longer want. Even if it costs $1 billion in campaign support to put up a candidate that ends this, the financial returns to the average voter will be higher than anything Wall Street could offer. Basically, the campaign money spent will be returned in the first week after a withdrawal!

With this in mind, the American people are showing themselves delightfully rational - finally learning from the lobbyists who have for years spent pennies to make dollars. If this doesn't make you smile, you're committed to scowling.

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