28 July 2007

Brazilian Soldiers

Bush was listening to his regular morning briefing from General Petraeus.
"Insurgents killed two Brazilian soldiers in the Anbar province yesterday," Patraeus calmly reported.
"Oh no!" exclaimed Bush.
"Oh no," Bush groaned again, dropping his head into his hands.
His staff were confused and shaken by this display of grief from their normally stoic leader.
"Sir?" inquired Condoleezza. "Are you alright?"
"No I'm not alright," Bush said dejectedly. "This is just awful."
A long and awkward silence followed, finally broken by Bush's quiet voice.
"How many is a Brazilian?"


Anonymous said...

I printed that out for my father and he laughed and laughed! He can't wait to show it to his friends!

Anonymous said...

Thomas, I am betting your father's friends have a lot of squiggly patterns on their shirts, too.