24 June 2007

Bulimic Shopper

Bernard was complaining about his wife the other day. "She's a bulimic shopper," Bernard said. "On Friday she'll spend $800 and on Monday she'll get take back $750 of it."


Anonymous said...

I think you have a syntax problem in there Ron. Who's Bernard?

And give a girl a break, will ya?! Dat Bernie, he's a sirius pain in da rump!;)

exskindiver said...

Buyer's Remorse is always good for the non-tightening of the budget belt.
And I like Bernard. He weighs his options quite simply and seems willing to embrace change should he find himself suddenly playing on a different team.
In the unlikely event that it happens, the wife can turn to retail therapy without the guilt.

Ron Davison said...

I hadn't thought about Bernard's wife's need for stress relief given his living will. Good catch.

Anonymous said...

Stress relief?! What's that?