05 June 2007

The Pay as You Go Ammendment

I've an idea for a new amendment to our constitution, one likely to greatly reduce the incidence of wars. It is simply this. In order to start a war, congress and the president have to hold a different kind of election. In fact, it would look more like a fund raiser.

If you wanted to start a war, you'd have to convince people to pay for it upfront. If that money ran out, you'd have to come back for more. Pentagon officials and White House spokespeople would sound like the folks at PBS during pledge drive week.

"Folks, this war is really important. If you have a family of four, all we need from you is $6,000. Now that keeps our troops equipped with the best and fed healthy food."
"That's right, Jim. But we need you to send more than $6,000. $6,000 would cover a family of four if every family chipped in. But we now that some folks can't afford that."
"And, ehem, others have, uh, different values and simply won't pay for war."
"That's right, Jim. And we need you to help offset that. We need you to send in $12,000."
"It's a real bargain, really. For less than the cost of an apartment, you can say that you've helped to create democracy in the Middle East."
"Oops! Old script, Jim. We're not so sure that they're going to opt for a democracy. You can say that you helped the Iraqis to establish a standing army."
"Sorry Kaitlin. I'd forgotten. Another option,, is that for just $15,000 a month, you can sponsor one soldier."
"Yes, you can provide money for his equipment, his food, clothing, and medical."
"So call our operators. They're standing by."
"Remember, if you don't send the money, we can't have this war."

The pay as you go amendment. Sure you want war, but do you have the money on you? If not, maybe your war will just have to wait.

Cost of the War in Iraq
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Life Hiker said...

That's only the U.S.'s cost for war-to-date. Let's add to that the lifelong medical costs for 12,000 seriously wounded soldiers and maybe $400 billion more for the interest we and our children will pay on this unfunded war.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the 2 million internally-displaced Iraqis and the other 2 million who have fled Iraq - about 22% of Iraq's population. Think about 60 million Americans having to move due to a catastrophe here; it's the same percentage. But not to worry, we don't have to pay for them.

When all the costs and tragedies related to this war are added up, they will be enought to keep George W. Bush in purgatory for 400 billion years, best case.

Anonymous said...

The depressing thing is it's not optional, I have to pay it. And I don't even get a tote bag.

Anonymous said...

Ron, I wish that were my portfolio flickering in that direction.

Thomas, you just opened up a whole new avenue of commercial exploration. Ingenius.

Dave said...

We just need to make sure we send the contribution as a money order. No names, addresses, phone numbers or Emails; because, you know once they know your a sucker, they'll be back and back and back.

Anonymous said...

I know this because I gave money to charity a couple of months back. I am now thinking it must have gone entirely into promotion expenses.

So far as the money order, I'll give it a try if you assure me the won't beat me to a pulp once they find out I am a pacifist.

Anonymous said...

Tear gas is also an option I am heavily considering. Is tear gas lethal? Please say yes.