28 June 2007

The Problem with Moderates

The problem with the moderates is that they are just too moderate.

Extremists seem emboldened to start wars, slash or jack up government spending, seize businesses or give them carte blanche to do what they'd like. Extremists are first seized by wild ideas and then try to seize power. They succeed at a rate all out of proportion to their numbers. We've managed to largely rid ourselves of godless communists and now find ourselves confronting Godly warriors who would attack or defend us.

Extremists are the temperamental toddlers in a room of third graders, throwing tantrums and getting their way as moderates simply try to placate them.

I'm tired of it. It's time that we moderates became extreme. As a drunk Barry Goldwater might have said, "Extremism to promote moderation is not really that extreme."

If these extremists want extreme, wait until they see what 83% of the population can do when provoked. Moderates always outnumber extremists, whose only real advantage is their passion. If we can match their passion, the clash between moderates and extremists would be like the clash between a grizzly bear and a Chihuahua.

And then, once we moderates become extremists.... Wait. Then they'll have won. Never mind.


Anonymous said...

Are you _sure_ you're married?! Grooooan! LOL!

Life Hiker said...

This post is from one pissed off moderate, part of that 83% that's ready to slam the extremists back into irrelevance.

Screw the radical libs and the radical conservatives! Both groups are all about control - the libs want a giveaway society for the have-nots and the "working class" (which includes such non-poor as unionized airline pilots), and the conservatives want corporate welfare and tax relief for the rich. Both are poison.

Bloomberg & Schwarzenegger are sounding better every day! We need some pragmatists who don't owe much to anyone and can speak directly to the people. It's time for a Churchillian type to rally the moderates and get this country back on the middle rail.

Life Hiker said...

Oops! Schwarzenegger can't run for VP. The 12th amendment says that the VP must have the same constitutional qualifications as the president, including being born in the U.S. Too bad...

Anyone got any suggestions as to who would be a good running mate for Bloomberg?

Ron Davison said...

Once again, your views accord with my own - to a point. As a resident of California, I don't share your favorable impression of Arnold. And, I don't really know anything about Bloomberg but if he's impressed you, I should check him out.

LSD said...

Which gives me my cue:

Politicians are like cities; impressive from a distance but when you get close they are noisy and stinky. (We feed them and then wonder why they follow us home.)

Happy weekend RP!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing. You can break your bottom crafting every word and still some twit is going to find a way to misinterpret you.

But what do I know-- I'm just "trailer trash". Trailer trash that's smart enough to decipher the brilliant kindergarten antics of the U.S. political elite. (Must be in the jeans).

Anyhow, your subterranean blimps call. I can see their bright eyes-- like beacons in the bleakness of stupidity. Adieu, my fine friends. A demain.

Anonymous said...

OOp. I mean, 'A la semaine prochian'. C'est Vendredi mon chere ami!

Ron Davison said...

What is the quip? Don't vote - it just encourages them.

Have a great 4th - and keep M. at a safe distance from the bottle rockets.

Actually, my bottom isn't broken, merely cracked. "beacons in the bleakness." Could be Eliot. Could be Johnny Rotten. Definitely some kind of poetry.

LSD said...

"Don't follow leaders!"

And when you start feeling like an extemist, blow off steam by talking in other languages.

Cosa fai! Feliz cuatro de julio!
Ignotum per ignotius!

Anonymous said...

Your ass crack is not as interesting to the young ladies as you might think, Ron, unless your wallet sticking out of it.

Mine is much, much nicer. I like to balance my waffles in my butt cleavage at the "Trailer Trash" diner where I work. Makes for more generous tips.

LSD- If I confound or confuse, I assure you this is not my intention, but rather a pronouncement of experiencing the stimulating thrill of being Ron's laptop "groupie".

So far as Eliot or Rotten, take your pick-- I'm flexible, and not that easily led, as I am sure you've gathered by now.

Anonymous said...

And um- Ron- you seem hard pressed to pin me down somehow. It ain't nevah gonna happen. I'm far too complex. Try asking me out for lunch. You'll see for yourself. I'm an enigma. LOL!

Oh yeah-- LSD-- and as for following leaders, that's not my problem. How do you get leaders to quit following _you_?!

Daryl said...

This is your best post Ron. Hilarious.