26 June 2007

In the Garden - Van Morrison

In spite of a brief interruption by an announcer, this should give folks a sense that Van Morrison is so much more than "Brown Eyed Girl." My own prediction? In 100 years, folks will have forgotten about Billy Graham and the Dali Lama and think that Van Morrison must have been a religious figure.


Anonymous said...

I think all artists who delve into matters of the spirit are religious figures to an extent. But it's a bit odd comparing them to people who devote themselves exclusively to faith, no? Totally different lines of work.

Economically, I think it's a great way to sell records, because the spirit will always need nourishing, just as so long as there is a monetary system, the more aggressive among us will vie for their bottom line at the expense of all else. I just hope business people learn to let the music far enough into their hearts to appreciate that there are lines of decency we can cross over in our rush to the finish line. And yes, 'till the day I die, I shall be fool enough to believe that there is such a line. Sorry if it offends your intelligence.

My soul-- well that's already spoken for. If someone wants to share in the journey, then that's cool, but ultimately we all have to find our own path. And thanks for the hug. :) It's been a challenging couple of years, as you already know. But to be truthful, I am not vain enough to believe I deserve all the attention.

Anonymous said...

I agree we must all find our own path, but Van has certainly been a helpful companion along the way. It's the music I keep returning to when I begin to feel a little lost.

Anonymous said...

I'm a believe it when I see it, results-oriented type of person.

And I'm feeling pretty darned good these days, too. I carry the light in my heart in the worst of times.

Anonymous said...

…with or without you.