17 June 2007

Oops! We Must Have Shipped Iraqis Democracy 1.0

Those of you who have installed old versions of software know that you can find yourself battling bugs that have been addressed in later versions.

The problems in Iraq, the insurgency and the fighting between Shiites and Sunnis, probably have to do with the social dynamics in Iraq. Or, it might have to do with the version of democracy that we've shipped into Baghdad.

Not having used the "establish democracy" function of our version of democracy in centuries, we forgot that our version includes ethnic cleansing: a little bug that the West has tried to design away, with varying levels of success, in subsequent Democracy releases. Sadly, someone in DC forgot to ship the Iraqis one of the newer versions.

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Anonymous said...

That's horrible!! Why am I laughing? Help!:P

Maybe it's because I just spent an hour on the telephone for something that should have taken ten minutes with someone from India as a customer service representative. I felt like crying! I am _not_ racist! But help me if I have to suffer through language barriers for my technical support!!!

Whose dumb idea was this anyway?! Oh yeah- now I remember. The woman who was too cool to talk to me in the elevator. Gaaak!

So how's it going, Daddy guy? :)