02 June 2007

The Future of Advertising

It gets harder and harder to capture your attention. The competition is fierce, funny, and shocking.

In the future, folks strolling through public areas will be hit with pop-up holograms advertising products. They'll be suddenly, and unexpectedly, confronting a catchy spiel from a supermodel or popular athlete who is close enough to touch. Given that collision avoidance technology will be so robust by this point, these pop ups will even bombard us as we drive, placing celebrities in a lotus position on our hoods as they tell us about the miracle of whiter teeth, thicker hair, or smaller feet.

Obviously, these shocking interruptions will be unsettling. The advertisers will know this and the most popular products advertised in this fashion will be powerful stress-reduction drugs.

1 comment:

Chrlane said...

I have a far different view of the future.

Education will become the main focus of science and technology and media.

People will abandon all artificial notions of perfection, and opt for an holistic edutainment in place of entertainment, which empowers them to make viable choices with their consumer power.

Corporations will follow suit, by manufacturing products which cater to the ethics of current spiritual and scientific means.

But as for the way things are now, drug companies are promoting these 'visions' as insecurities for which we need medication. These so-called visions are a misrepresentation of reality.

It's all waiting right here for you already. All you have to do is reach out and take it.