29 June 2007


It's official: I have idearrhea - a compulsion to generate and share ideas. This is my 400th post to a blog started 300-some days ago.
For those of you keeping score at home, posts tagged "absurd" outnumber posts tagged "social evolution" by 66 to 64.


Anonymous said...

I have them all saved, Ron. Ever single one of them. ;) It's interesting to cross reference them.

Life Hiker said...

No, you have "good-idearrhea", which I define as the ability to think originally and write entertainingly. Keep it up!

Ron Davison said...

you have all the posts saved? by now you could probably give my therapist (still a hypothetical but something I would someday like to do for awhile - like my goal of living in Manhattan) for insights into me.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'd lie and say that the important thing is that I'm having fun, but in truth, the dialogue with you and the rest of the readers adds a dimension that is matched only by the adoring gaze of the groupies who cluster around my laptop to watch me type. Usually, only rock stars are able to turn their compulsions into big money and groupies, but blogging has been good to me. :) Seriously, though, thanks for all your notes, feedback, agreement, disagreement, and virtual friendship.

Anonymous said...

…virtual being the key word here.

Dave said...

Gee Ron. I have two post days, but, wow.

The great thing about your posts is the variation. Some days, I have to be in the mood to wade through it. If I do, I'm usually rewarded.

Other days, I breeze through the post and immediately gain something.

Then there are the posts and/or some the the comments that make me shake my virtual head. What?

To my mind virtual isn't the key word.

power ranger on ambien said...

and there are some days that i feel like just stopping in and sticking my head in his office and letting out a primal scream'
I am told it is therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

Um-- close but no cigar…

Ron Davison said...

it's called a compulsion, I suppose. I, too, read some of the comments and shake my head.

you're the one?!

It's true - no cigars in my office.