06 June 2007

iPope and the Portable Mosh Pit

According to a surprising announcement by a Vatican spokesperson, Pope Benedict is entertaining requests to turn the pope mobile into a portable mosh pit.

"This might be a great way to connect with young people," Girolamo Savoyunecka told reporters after an incidence with a German man who tried to dive into the car with the pope. "We realize that in many parts of the world there is already excited talk about pope mobile diving as a new form of recreation, and the pope is seriously considering allowing this during public appearances."

Observers noted two things about the pope's reaction to the German's attempt to dive into his pope mobile. One, he didn't even react to the commotion behind him. Two, he appeared to have ear buds from an iPod peeking out from under his vestures, something that might explain his failure to hear the gasps of surprised bodyguards.

Asked about this, spokesman Savoyunecka volunteered that the pope loves a variety of German music - composers like Beethoven, Bach, and Kraftwerk. "He often resorts to use of his iPod during stressful public appearances that involve simply waving at crowds. He's actually a bit of an introvert," Savoyunecka added. "Around the Vatican we often refer to him as the iPope."

Just as Savoyunecka was elaborating on how the pope intends to connect with a new generation of believers through what he called "pope-casts, downloadable sermons," the pope's actual spokesperson stepped into the press conference, obviously surprised to see that Savoyunecka was speaking on behalf of the Vatican. Seeing that his cover was blown, "Savoyunecka" dove into the crowd of reporters before taking advantage of the temporary confusion to disappear.

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