23 February 2022

Trump Has Clearly Sided with the World's Dictators. How Confused and Angry Do You Have to be to Side with Him?

Russia is invading a sovereign nation in the biggest land war in Europe in decades and all Trump can do is praise Putin's genius.

Trump consistently shows love for dictators and contempt for democratically elected leaders (not just leaders like Biden and Merkel but even Bush or the former nominees of his own party like McCain and Romney) and of course contempt for our democratic process and elections.
At this point you have a clear choice. Support Trump and his party in the fight against democracies or reject Trump and his party. Be careful how you vote, though. The vote you cast for the guy who hates democratically elected governments and sovereign nations is the last vote you get to cast.

06 February 2022

Transforming the Olympics - An Overdue Update after a Century+ of Artificial Scarcity

The first modern Olympics game in 1896 had only 14 countries compete. In this winter Olympics we now have 91 countries competing but still just the three medals made of 2 metals (gold and silver) and one alloy (bronze). This suggests a scarcity mentality unbefitting for modern times.

I'd like to propose the following metals for medals allowing a larger number of great athletes to say, "I got a medal at the Olympics!" even if the follow up is, "I tin-foiled in curling."

1st Titanium
2nd Gold
3rd Uranium
4th Silver
5th Copper
6th Iron
7th Bronze
8th Lead
9th Zinc
10th Tin
11th Steel
12th Aluminum

Enough of these self-imposed supply chain issues for the allocation of glory.